copy rights question


i have subscription at enavto elements, im a web developer and i dont have enough designs work, is that ok to show on freelancer web site like up-work or on my own website psd template, or html5 landing page claim that is my work?(im not going to customize it, it will show the template as is - meaning all the photos an content). im not going to sell them as is - just show the templates as is and claim as my work?

if you are going to apply for join as elements author then you can focus those portfolio in the application form when you will submit the form but you can’t display other marketplace portfolio publickly (in the forum, in envato market, envato elements).

In short - NO you can’t just share a design “as is”

thank you.

what about just content? is it also not possible? - im not claiming its mine, just as concept in my portfolio instead using lorem ipsum.


Nope - it’s copyrighted so claiming it or not you are still distributing it which is against the rules esp. on a page intended to promote your services/skillset