Copy of Form 1099 or 1042

As per Envato: Any tax withheld by Envato (either
royalty withholding tax or backup withholding tax) will be remitted to
the IRS on a monthly basis. We will also be preparing and filing Forms
1099 and 1042 with the IRS that will show the amount of gross sales and
taxes withheld. Authors will be provided a copy of their Form 1099 or
1042 that can be provided to your tax accountant to assist with claiming
any tax credits that may be available.

Can anyone verify if they have received copy of the forms yet?

Any update on this @natman

AFAIK, They will only send it at the end of the year, ie, December 2016.

I asked about the financial year and collis says, that’s how IRS works :frowning:

So, for each 3 months in one year we have to suffer extra tax to our country due to the unavailability of that FORM in March.

Thanks for your comment @surjithctly So this means we can not claim the withheld tax of Jan-Mar when filing current Financial year return. This seems a hidden info that should had been disclosed before. Anyways thanks for the info.


This is what I asked before to collis

And this is what he replied.

Thanks for the info @surjithctly

anyone got this form yet ? I contacted Envato taxinfo and they replied that we’ll get this form by March 15, 2017 but I have not yet got any form regarding this.

No not yet

Hi @VibeThemes - as per Matt’s post here, all 1042 forms (for non-US Authors) were to be sent out by March 15.

The forms have all been sent this week, so they’ll be in transit right now.