Copy and Pasting Tags would help a lot..😞

When I am submitting footage, often times I will have similar clips in a group. And they will all have similar tags. It would be really helpful if I could easily copy and paste those text tags… It would make things so much faster and easier for authors.

As it is right now, when I go to copy tags… I can’t hardly highlight them, as you can see…

Then when I paste them on the next clip, I get this…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Back in the day, with the older uploader, authors could easily copy and past tags as they uploaded. Please bring back that ability…

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Same problem here man.

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Keeping your tags in a text document separated by commas and spaces would help. It works for me. :slight_smile:


I do that sometimes. I just wish Envato would fix small details like that. They gave the uploader a fresh new look, and it has improved, but they back tracked on simple things like this.

Yes you are right! placing a small copy button there would be suffice…