Cool WordPress Template that flips

Hello. I’m looking for mobile-friendly WordPress template like “Flip - Flipping Page & One Page WordPress Theme”.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

Enavto Themeforest have thousands of WordPress theme all of one are responsive.

you can take a look on this page if you find your one. One Page WordPress Theme.

what do you mean by flip can you tell us more details we can help more good what you expect.

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Hi @garfield711

You can check here


I would like one where the pages flip, like the one that’s already available, called “Flip - Flipping Page & One Page WordPress Theme”.

I like this one but it hasn’t been updated since around Jun 2016 so I was hoping to find another web template like that one.

The link you sent is the one I want but it hasn’t been updated sine Jun 2016 so I was hoping someone knew of another web template like the one on the link you sent.

Got it now.
My word is wait for someone who can provide you good item link link.
I will try if possible to find out then reply to you soon.

Hi @garfield711

Then you can try with this link and check is there any that will meet your demand


I think about this two way

  1. you can contact with this author and ask about this theme updates

  2. hire someone who can develop your item what you want exactly.
    From Envato Studio:

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Thanks much. I’ll check them out.