Cool! Number 5 in the top new authors! and a 10M broadcast license!


Huge thanks to Audiojungle and everyone in the community,
I just noticed that I’m number 5 in the top new authors for October!

Didn’t even know it was registered like that, I just found it whilst browsing! haha

I also got a 10 Million broadcast license too :slight_smile:

Needless to say I’m very happy with how things are going and really enjoying being part of Audiojungle,
There’s so much great creativity going on here, it’s very inspiring! :smile:

I would love to get some comments from you guys to help sales if you like any of my tracks,
I will of course return the favor!

Thanks again everyone!



Hey Joel!

congrats for the great start! your tracks sounds really good, lows are awesome :wink:


Cheers! really appreciate it! I recently bought some overpriced bass traps for my studio, maybe they are actually working! lol


Congratulations, Joel!

Awesome start. You’ve got some great stuff in your portfolio! :wink:


Awesome! Keep it up, mate :smiley:


Congrats on the great start !


Cool!!! It’s really awesome achievement!!! My Congrats!!! :rocket:


Wow, thanks mate, really appreciate the support!


Thanks ForgottenDawn, most appreciated!


Congrats Man!!! Excellent result.


Congrats - good luck with the next many months!


Great start!!! Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:


Many thanks Luca!


Congrats, Joel! :tada:



Hi Joel - You are off to a great start here. Keep up the good work and sales will only get better.


great accomplishment and thumbs up! now good luck for the next steps :wink:


Thanks for the encouraging words!


Sounds like a great week!


Congrats on the great start! :smile: