Cookie Cutter Naming Convention


Are any of you bothered by the fact that nearly every top-selling song on audiojungle is a combination of the same couple of words? I have to wonder how the customers feel about this. It must be difficult to locate a particular track if you don’t have a direct link to the track. For me, it is somewhat sad. I do not like the image that it presents about audiojungle and its authors. Even though originality is not the hallmark of jingle writing, it still bothers me to see that, even in naming a track, originality is of no interest to anyone - not if you want to sell in large numbers, and that is our lot in life as a group of jingle writers. I am fiercely loyal to audiojungle and I do not often visit other stock music sites. Is this the norm on all stock music sites?

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In my opinion customers are in some degree guilty. in this approach market “Envato” to the design of the product. The store adapts to the client. If this happens - it means so convenient and everyone is happy.

I have never seen complaints from customers on the forum. Moreover, I do not see any requests from them)


Then it works and that is good. It is really interesting that they don’t make requests, and that I believe means that there is a good selection of what they are looking for. All is good at the audiojungle market!