Converting the Video Files in to a format to upload on the Youtube

Help!! I have just brought some video clips to use as openers on my YouTube Channel, but NONE of Clips are in a recognizable format for any of the basic video editing software. Only VLC manages to play the clips but I cannot save the clips with the sound.

Anyone know a simple way to be able to merge both the sound and video clips then attached them to one’s video to then upload on to YouTube…I thought it would be so easy but alias.

Answers on a postcard:

What format are the files in?

it says: MOV File on the Video clips & WAV file or MP3 on the Audio.

Odd that those don’t work

If you have access to something like Premier then you could try and convert or republish them in a new format.

Perhaps try asking the author


Thank you for your in put, How do I contact the author, where are his/her details ?

On the item page is tabs above the main image including “support” with their info