Convert PHP form Script to bootstrap design



I have a PHP form script and I want to convert it to boostrap design style.

The form script have : buttons, select-picker and date-picker.
The only thing I successfully changed is the buttons.
But the select-picker or date-picker I can’t get them work. somewhere I miss something.

<?=$lang_dd?> Logout

How I was saying the select-picker and date-picker still with the old design.

Anybody know what I have to change and where ?.

<?php echo PICK_UP_LOCATION_TEXT;?>: ------ Select POS ------<?php echo $bsiCore->getDroppickLocation($_SESSION['sv_user']); ?>
<?php echo CAR_TYPE_TEXT;?>: <?php echo $bsiCore->getCartypeCombobox();?>
<?php echo PICK_UP_DATE_TEXT2;?>:

  1. Use code block!!!!
  2. Please show a full example. Which scripts and styles are included? As of what I see you are missing all Bootstrap sources.
  4. What does the Bootstrap documentation say about dates?
  5. What is the current result and what are you expecting?


I finally change all butons, datepicker,and dropdown with style of bootstrap… but now I have a problem with dropdown because don’t have a scrollbar and when is open is shows a very very large list.
I need to add somehow a scrollbar with auto height.

<?php echo PICK_UP_LOCATION_TEXT;?>:

------ Select Touch Point ------<?php echo $bsiCore->getDroppickLocation($_SESSION['sv_user']); ?>