Converio Theme - Change the size of the popup image on the Portfolio

Hi all, I have the Converio Wordpress theme and I’m trying to increase the size of the popup image on the portfolio page. It currently seems to be restricted to 800px wide. I want it to fill the width of the page.

Also, once you go to the project page, there’s no option to click an image to make it bigger even though a project can have several images on the page - the popup is only on the main Portfolio page and that only shows the ‘featured image’.

For example, here is the Converio theme’s Portfolio page with has the small popup -
You can get to the Project page by clicking one of the portfolio projects. This has no built in popups.
(I can’t seem to find the Project page that I’d need to edit in the files) :frowning:

Here’s the size of the popups I’d like (if you click on one of these images from my current site) -

Am I missing an easy setting to change? Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Try to contact theme author first.