Controlling the volume when searching for music

This is a need, not a want. I edit videos and need to find music that works with my productions.
When I am looking for songs on the Envato page, there needs to be a volume control.
I click on a song, then jump back into Premiere and start playing my timeline.
The problem is that the music is so loud, it drowns out the voiceover I am listening to.
If we had volume control on the Envato page or per song, I would lower it as background music to my video. This way I don’t have to download a bunch of songs to hear how they would sound under the voiceover in Premiere. I am requesting volume control on the music search page.
-Tony Fabz

One thing i do is put it low (web browser) in the “volume mixer” in the soundcard tab.

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Hi @TonyFabz,

in the search, you can control the volume right here:

Hope it helps,
Layla :smiley: