Continuously Got Rejections on my Logos

Hello Designers,
I have recently joined the community of Graphicriver. But unfortunately got rejection on my designs back to back. Can someone of you please advice where I am doing mistakes and how to overcome everything perfectly?
I will be thankful to you.

Asfandyar (Mr.)

hi for me the cause of rejections are not necessarily the same from one logo to the other and for convenience matters I wish u could have posted logos one by one if u wish, but anyway, let’s get started

1- concept
I am sorry to tell u just this but indeed, to be perfectly I honest , I have trouble understanding what the concept is. I assume this is is probably a stylized R that u have here but if I tell so this is just out of guessing and I am not even sure about it, what is a problem, if u ask me … this is also a problem as it may prevent u from “hitting the target” as some targeted purchasing base may fail to understand that they are the one being addressed to , here …
2- disconnection
indeed the second major problem for me is that I see quite a gap - and even a disconnection I might add - between the illustration part and the text one …there is no color in common, the style differs quite a bit and even the the imbrication creates a serious disconnection, too
3- imbrication
indeed, the way both parts are positioned towards each other is not optimized to say the least this contributes to create a sort of gap or broken harmony between parts which in the end rather look like “items pasted right next to each other” rather being composed in the end to make a whole
4- global style
the global style keeps rather simple all the same, this may be tolerable in a way for the colorful version but when it comes to the one color version, this is really emphasizing the issue, actually … this is not because u have a one color version being required that u cannot play with opacity by the way … in other words, instead of just taking the relief away from the logo playing with the opacity of the black color would help to generate the same kind of relief as in the colorful version
5- effect of misalignment
I know that this is not really a mishandling in a way but the fact of the matter is that the shape that u have created makes the logo look misbalanced and misaligned if u wish … and this prevents it to look really good …
6- tagline
the tagline interspacing is too small and in the end this is breaking the guideline that u have throughout the name , not mention that this makes the tagline look compact and hard to read , too

1- general feeling
well the bottom line is that this item inspires me very much of a deja vu feeling to say the least …and this is not a small deal as u can imagine in a marketplace where the catalogue of items is quite widespread and where one of the requirements is to bring something new to the table to justify a “new addition” to the concerned catalogue …
2- global style
for me this is rather simple and I think that there is a complete disconnection between parts (further detail ion the typo section) as u have a rather vertical illustration part to say the least and that this is the complete other way around when it comes to the text is which is taking much space horizontally and kind of in the end creating sort of a pyramid effect ,which neither makes sense nor looks aesthetic if u ask me
3- color combinations
for me , sorry to say just this but the combination simply does not work, this is doe snot really look outstanding overall and part of the things valued over some other and vice versa do not really make sense, either
4- typo
to say the least here this is quite flat … and rather disconnected in terms of style too … u have quite a rounded environment with the illustration that finds no echo whatsoever in the typo part and this is too bad visually and breaking the harmony if u ask me …
contrast is not great and u have a rather low relief in the first place and this contributes to flatten things up globally , I assume that choosing colors more likely to offer contrast would be welcome and a better idea indeed, I think u should rather opt for complementary colors, themed code colors or shades of the same color, which are safer choices in a general way