Continuous Soft Reject


I’ve been selling HTML5 game templates for more than 5 years on Codecanyon and had no problem with the review process before. Here is my portfolio : Vetx - Portfolio | CodeCanyon

Last week I’ve uploaded a new item and got soft reject with reason “Please make sure your demo URL is working properly.”. It was strange because I’ve never faced this problem before. So I thought maybe some files got broken during the upload progress and uploaded the preview again.

Then it’s soft-rejected again with reason “Please make sure the game is working properly.”
This was more strange because the game works well. You can check it here :

So I’ve deleted the live preview and uploaded a video preview instead. Result: Another reject with reason “A working demo URL is needed to start the review process” even tho the live preview is labelled as “optional”.

Next, I’ve added the live preview back with a self hosted live preview URL.
Another reject with reason : “Please make sure you can park the bus on level 1.”

You can see that you can park the bus without any problem :smile: : Bus Parking

I’ve started to think that this rejects are personal.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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It’s finally approved, thanks.