Contests & Prizes!!!

Hi, everybody!
How often does Envato create new contests?! Why can only some authors participate in these contests?
Will prizes ( not in the form of a badge) such as a computer, audio accessories, trip to the sea, cars?
it would be nice to know what plans the company Envato?
Thanks for reading this. :nerd_face:
What are your assumptions and opinions? Thanks a lot


Yes, an incredibly great idea! :sunglasses: Interesting contests, worthy prizes to the winner, as well as to participants in the competitions, such as a ticket to Miami, new IMac etc. it would be a great addition to the “gray weekdays” on Envato. I wonder if Envato is ready to hold such events at least a couple of times a year? :slight_smile:


@CleanMagicAudio - Thanks! Great answer!
So they can attract even more customers. The life of the authors will be even more interesting and saturated!
Do you think creative people only need money? The main thing a songwriter is an inspiration( not only money, and what events, achievements, and sometimes failures) - it all leaves a mark and mark in your music!
I wish you All a Positive mood! Life goes on :nerd_face:

It is a great idea. Even if the prizes are not as big as the imac or a trip to the sea, it is still participation in competitions, competitive mood and recognition will strongly motivate the authors. We are all creative people, we all need motivation and inspiration.

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@AlphaStudioStock - Thank you for expressing your creative opinion! I fully agree with you :white_check_mark:
If You knew how I really enjoyed the little things - comments to the track, a new friend, a new badge!!!
It really pleases me and inspires me to new heights :rocket:

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Hi @AudioSport! :slight_smile:

We have a few different teams that run contests, which vary depending on what those teams are working on. Currently, our Affiliates team run some big events aimed at bringing in more traffic and sales to all the Envato marketplaces. There are also some contests targeting specific item categories for Envato Elements, aimed at growing the content library in areas where we know that customer demand currently outstrips our supply.

I don’t think there are any plans to bring back the old “Most Wanted” contests in the near future, as those were focused on growing the available content on Envato Market. Currently, there’s more content than ever before - so we’re looking at other ways we can improve.

I’m part of the Customer-based Community team, and we’ll have some contests of our own - we’ve just wrapped up a Double Light Photoshop Action one, and currently have a Liquidum contest still taking new entries. We’re keen to run something similar for an audio item later this year - I’ll share some details about that when we have more info available. Our events are aimed at getting more people (authors and customers!) engaged in the forums, with a particular focus on helping to get new customers joining in.


BenLeong Envato - I am very grateful to you! thank you for the detailed answer :white_check_mark:
I agree that the most important part of attracting new buyers.
All will happy with when sales will appear have all authors :nerd_face:
Marketing is a fine science! I wish you good luck in this difficult task!


I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about this, but there hasn’t been a winner announced for awhile in the Made with Envato - Graphic Design thread.

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used NEOart ps action and LIQUIDIUM
fonts and image are freelicensed!


NEOart crazy watercolor PS action

Are you assuming that badge is worthless? :imp::imp::imp: