contest : random order picker

hello everyone,

I am here to ask about something i would like to add to my woocommerce website …

actually i want to do a contest for my customers …

The idea is pretty simple : pick a date[ from:X to:X ]then the orders that have been placed within that time will be included … after that randomly pick an order to be the winner …

giving it an interface with round colourful picker would be nice

i hope i could find some help here

Is this something that customers should be able to see? Or is strictly for internal use?

The company I work for recently had a similar prize draw, but we just got the number of orders placed between two dates, then used a random number generator online to pick the winner.

Customers will only see me rolling the picker that includes all the qualified orders …

I will be glad if i were able to take a look on the plugin that you’ve mentioned

Ah ok, so this is something that the customers would see in action.

What I mentioned isn’t a plugin of any sort, we just used our internal system to figure out which orders fell into the required timeframe, numbered each one from 1-10 (for example), then used a random number generator like THIS to pick the winner that corresponded with that number. Really simple and takes 5 minutes to do.

However, I see now that you do in fact need something more since you want customers to actually see the winner be chosen in real time, and unfortunately for that I can’t help you.

Its okay … anyway thanks a lot for your try

You might be able to use this free plugin:

Or this premium one from CodeCanyon:

I’m not 100% sure if these meet your needs though - so you should definitely confirm with the developer if the plugin will allow you to restrict your giveaway to customers within a set time period.