Content use for Amazon KDP

Hello, I want to create book content for Amazon KDP. For this, I need various items such as icons, graphics, photos, etc.

Can I use Envato content for my books with my regular subscription? These books are produced on demand, and I always read in the Envato Elements License FAQ that on demand is excluded. But I don’t know where the line is. The content I would use would be just individual components, like for a book cover … such as a “car” icon for a topic of cars or a “pill” icon when a medication topic is mentioned. Or If I need Face for my book cover and want to use one of your photos of man who is making sport.

  1. Am I allowed to do that?
  2. If I am allowed to do that, what if my subscription comes to an end? Am I allowed to continue sell the produced book without a current subscription?
  3. Can you explain exactly what is allowed and what not?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: Best

You already answered your question.

Here’s the link for the terms: