Content Protected Music

So obviously there is a section on each song that states if a song is content protected on YouTube, but what if it is not protected at the time of purchase, but then later down the road the author decides to protect it? Do I get grandfathered into the non-protected version? Or should I just not purchase my music from here on a monetized channel?

Indeed there is no guarantee that a non ContentID registered track is not registered eventually.

ContentID is the industry standard. Music that is not registered either will eventually, or it will get fraudulently claimed, or is suspicious to begin with.

Always go with ContentID registered music. It’s the only way to make sure you’re not exposing yourself to additional copyright issues down the road.

The license you buy on AJ is precisely the key to lifting the copyright claim. There is no need to avoid ContentID registered music… quite the opposite!

Thanks for the reply! I did more research and found the help forum that explains it :slight_smile: