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Hi everyone.I was trying to upload some logo/idents on Identifyy.After the procedure i got an email from them, telling me that they couldn’t process my logo due to the fact that has a duration less than 30 seconds.Anyone has a solution for that? Is there any way around?

Nope. Theoretically you can render logo version which has +/= 30 sec. I did it once but nothing was found. Maybe someone has other experience?

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Yea.Strange indeed. That depends of matching algorythm. If the algorythm takes into consideration exact duration( which i really doubt because it will make it useless.Anyone can rip your track and re-edit it) . Thank you, maybe joining versions as a track will exceed the minimum required duration.

It uses shorter snippets of your track so it can find edits. But it scans only tracks longer than 30 sec. What is more important it doesn’t scan videos shorter than 30sec.

There is a propability rate which audio from video has to exceed to become a cid finding. I suppose short logos have a hard time with this rate even when rendered to a longer version. Unless someone uses them in a however similar way you have rendered them.

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Yes.It’s practically redundant in that case.But thank you for the input.Appreciate.