Content ID claim on song listed as No Youtube Content ID

Used this song by “Lubarsky” in a Youtube video:

After uploading, I received a Content ID claim on the video from HAAWK.

It appears he is using the HAAWK Content ID claim system but is not listing his music on Envato correctly to reflect that.

Contact the author to let them know. It could be a mistake on their part. Or it could be a fraudulent claim, as unregistered music is often targeted by fraudsters who register it in their name. This is why you always want to stay away from unregistered music. Serious authors do register their music.


I’ve actually not found where I can contact the author through the Elements listings. Should I just send a message through AudioJungle instead?

Yes, it seems Envato went out and beyond to disconnect the content creators from their subscription offer. Going through Audiojungle is the way to go indeed.