Content custom sidebars disappears


I’ve created three different sidebars (in BeTheme Options) and filled them with several widgets in the widget area. In different blogs I added the three different sidebars and they showed up on my webpages. So far I managed it. However, when I want to add new widgets or change something in the sidebars, all the content has disappeared again! So, everytime I have to add the widgets again to put them in the sidebar… What’s going wrong? I don’t understand…


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


I can’t find the purchase code… But I’m using BeTheme for some years already!


you can check this article:


It’s not there. Someone else has bought it for me, but I can’t ask it anymore. Is there any other way in Wordpress where I can find it? How can I use the theme since some years otherwise?

in this case only the purchaser envato account can collect purchase code. So, please contact with them to get the purchase code. Envato Item download, item purchase code and item 6 month free support only for the original purchaser account.


So when you got questions after 6 months you don’t get help anymore? Pfffffff

if you ask any technical query from the original purchaser account then author will be very happy to asnwer you. But for getting item support after 6 month you have to extend support for the new 6 month. Also it is depends on Author they can assist you or can ask to extend support. Thanks

Ok, I got the purchase code, but I can’t register… All the time the system says: username is invalid. I tried so many, it keeps saying that.


Please make sure your purchased username and your input username is 100% same (case sensative). all should to go for the original purchaser. If you have still issues then please post a commnets into the purchased/concerned item commnets page, Item author will be happy to help you.


Even when I use the purchased username it says invalid. Where can I find the purchased/concerned item commnets page exactly? Sorry for the many questions, but I find it all complicated. Should I look on, or on Envato…? Thanks!

you can comments here:

Thank you!