Content Bonus


Strangely my Content Bonus for November and December appear $0.00 on the monthly earnings report.
I submitted a request to the Envato Author Help Center several times but no one reply.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
If possible, I would like to know from the staff if its a bug or something has changed

If you have not added any item for a long time on Elements, that is the reason.

Check this:

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Yes, I have already read the article.
It says that needed 2 uploads within the past 90 days to be eligible for the Bonus.

And these are my 6 last uploads ( 6 Dec / 6 Nov / 15 Sep / 27 Jul / 9 Jul / 4 May )

To me seems I have added more than requested.

You can check here also - Sign In | Envato Account
Find part “Content Bonus”:

What the is the % of content bonus being awarded at the moment in elements. It used to be around 25 to 30%. It seems to have dropped drastically.

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