Contacting ThemeForest/Avada

Has anyone had any luck contacting Avada or ThemeForest? I paid to have my support renewed on 12/21, but the Avada site is still not available stating I need to renew. I’ve tried reaching out to Avada and Theme Forest with no response. I even asked to have my payment refunded if this could not be addressed but have had zero response from anyone.

If anyone has any suggestions I what I could possibly do please let me know. Thanks!


You can ask your question right here as a comments with that item author @ThemeFusion_Support @ThemeFusion

Hope they will helped!

Hi @jcitarello

I have checked and we do not have any form of communication from your username, via email, support ticket or even the Themeforest comments area. If you want to contact us directly you can do so here >

Thank you kindly

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