Contacting Reviewers

Hey Authors,

This is a friendly reminder that reviewers should never be contacted directly via the email form on reviewers’ profile pages. That form should only be used for business-related inquiries only, and shouldn’t be considered as a direct portal to their inbox when the question relates to one of your Videohive items.

Instead of contacting reviewers via their personal or business emails, please reach out by using the direct message feature within the Envato Forum. Simply click the “Message” button within any user’s forum profile page to open a direct, private dialog with them.

While I won’t be able to respond to every inquiry, I’ll attempt to help as many of you as I can, and will do my best to provide answers in a timely manner.

I receive a lot of inquiries seeking advice or explanations on rejected items, so please note that I will no longer be responding to email inquiries sent via the contact form on my author dashboard.

Thank you!


As a secondary option, any user can always open a support ticket on Envato Help & Support Center and the help team will assign your message to a reviewer.

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I haven’t contacted to any reviewer but now it seems reviewer profile link it removed so no one can contact to reviewer or see his/her name.
Hope reviewer will have peaceful time to review.

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