Contacting an author

Hi. I’m looking to purchase one or two templates that have appropriate tags and ToC information but I can’t preview them (slides) to ensure that what I want is there.

The author is Jetz and they may have what I’ve been searching for months.

Is there a way of finding out what is on each slide?

Thank you.


Go to author profile page there in right sidebar you will get a form to contact them.


Hi. Thanks for the prompt response.

I’ve clicked the person’s handle but all it does is take me to to more of their product. Is this link in a separate section?

Thanks, Rob.

yes, the contact form under the profile tab mean profile page in right sidebar.

Thank you, MGS - still can’t find it - apologies - not even sure where I’m looking. I’ll buy the product anyway - worry about its quality later.

Thank you for your patience.

Author Profile page:

In right sidebar you will find Contact form (you must have to logged in to see the contact form). Also you will see the total items of that profile and if you click it will take you portfolio page.

Hope will help.


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That’s brilliant - thank you so much MGS. Much obliged to you.

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