Contactform with Theme Edugate doesnt work

Hi there,

we installed the edugate theme almost 3 years ago and everything worked wonderfully.
At some point in the middle of last year, the entire contact forms (plugin contact form) no longer worked.
We didn’t notice until recently.
The Flamingo plugin runs in the background in such cases. There we can read all contact options (we have over 40 forms).
We no longer receive emails.
We tried the following solutions:

  • Deactivate all plugins and only run ContactForm. No more emails arrive.
  • Check email tried, no emails arrive.
  • WP Rollback tried to use an older version of ContactForm, we received no emails.

We don’t know what to do next, so here’s the question if someone can help.

Are you sure that you are using the latest versions of the theme, WordPress and hosting PHP?

As you are outside support periods you could:

a) buy extended support to ask the author

b) hire help from

c) try substituting the forms for a stand-alone plugin like Gravity or Ninja

Hi. Thank you for your prompt reply. It is the website lern dot de

Blockquote Are you sure that you are using the latest versions of the theme, WordPress and hosting PHP?
Yes. Yesterday we`ve updated the theme, but it doesnt work.

Blockquote As you are outside support periods you could:
a) buy extended support to ask the author -
The support was unfortunately very bad at the time.
b) hire help from This is an Idea.
c) try substituting the forms for a stand-alone plugin like Gravity or Ninja This is an idea.

Hi Charlie4282,

What have we done so far?

  1. We have deactivated all plugins and started an attempt to send us a message using one of the contact forms.
    The request arrives via flamingo, but is not forwarded.
  2. We have deactivated all plugins, switched to the twenty twenty theme and tried to send a message again. It does not work.
  3. We used the Envato toolkit to update the edugate theme, deactivated all plugins and tried to send a message again.
  4. We have uploaded the “latest” theme version edugate available in the download and then tried again to get the contact form up and running. It does not work.

What else can we do to find and eliminate the source of the error?

greetings from Munich

Was the form plugin you are using part of the original theme?

What is Flamingo? Is this the message storage plugin? Was that part of the theme or something you added?

Yes. ContactForm is a part of this Theme.

Flamingo save Messages from ContacForm if the form doesn`t work. You can see, who wants to contact you with a form of your own site.
Our contact forms worked all the time (over 4 years) and suddenly they stopped working.
We don’t know the cause - there were no great installations of plugins or in WordPress itself.
We have all worked through the author’s suggestions (see last post) and are simply stuck here.
The author of the theme simply does not come forward to offer us a solution to the problem.

Flamingo is a message storage plugin originally created for Contact Form 7.
Flamingo and Contact Form 7 both are free plugin and can be collect from
So, I think those both Flamingo and Contact Form 7 should work fine. please make sure you are using latest version plugin and your website wordpress version are uptodate.

Flamingo recommend WordPress Version: 5.2 or higher
and Contact Form 7 recommend WordPress Version: 4.9 or higher


The issue is that there are quite a few considerations here.

  1. You are outside of support so technically (while you would hope that the author would help find a solution) they are not obliged to.

  2. That Flamingo plugin may well be a fairly basic plugin, but if it’s not included with the original theme then it could still be creating issues

  3. Given that you have not had issues previously and you are up to date with the theme and WP - the next check would be if any of the plugins like Flamingo could be conflicting anywhere, and the PHP version of your hosting (should ideally be 7 but min 5.6)

  4. Have you tried it without the Flamingo plugin live i.e. the theme and CF7 only i.e. absolutely nothing that is additional from the demo? If this doesn’t work then you can assume that it is a theme issue rather than anything else.

  5. Are you sure the messages are not actually sending? ie. what happens when you fill out a form and submit it? Could the issue not be the forma t al land actually something in your email blocking it coming through?

yes we know, but it is obviously a problem of the theme. we will not be the first or the last to have a problem with this edugate theme.

This is understandable too, but ContactForm and Flamingo worked wonderfully. we had the problem that no messages were forwarded as email. the support from edugate could not help and we found flamingo in some forum.
we have also deactivated flamingo as a test, but we do not receive any messages.

Yes we have. we don’t get any messages forwarded.

yes 100%. We see what goes in and out through our exchange server. we have several websites with wordpress at the same host and our contacforms work perfectly on all other installations.
Hence the conclusion that it is up to the theme itself that a setting has changed somewhere in the wordpress installation and that not a single contact form works under any theme on our website.
it all went well until a few weeks ago, when customers started calling us and saying that they had sent a message through our website weeks ago.

There is no tool provided by envato to search for errors.
envato tool kit does not work at all. nothing happens and a newer version of it cannot be downloaded anywhere.

PHP 7.1 is currently installed on all of our wordpress installations and runs perfectly.
If not mentioned, we will no longer receive emails via checkmail (a plugin).

So something is wrong with the theme, which has probably now confused the entire wordpress installation, which has been running smoothly for almost 4 years.