Contactform does not work

I’m using Impreza theme out of the box on my website. The contactform does not deliver message to e-mail adress. Dit not change anything on default code, because I’m just an end user using the plug-and-play features in front end of the theme. Below is the code from page Contact - Jazzy Request

Can you help me out?


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Informatie en boekingen

Heeft u vragen, wilt u meer informatie of wilt u Jazzy Request boeken? Neem dan telefonisch contact op of stuur ons een bericht.

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Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


Unfortunatly I first have to renew support subscription by paying $50+ before I can contact the author. So I thought it was wise to contact other end users and find some bug fixes or simple instructions to get it fixed.

Have you checked your spam folder? If you’re not receiving the emails then this is more likely to be a server/hosting issue, so start by contacting your web host. Let them know who your email provider is as well, so they can check spam blacklists.

Spamfoler checked, nothing there. Tried with several e-mail adresses and -hosts.

I see now that your website is hosted on EC2. Have you configured sendmail or something similar on the server? By default PHP is not able to send email without that additional software.

In addition, AWS will block outgoing mail on their EC2 instances without approval, see here: Remove port 25 restriction from your EC2 instance

Wow, this is way beyond for me. In previous installs of this theme at same hostingservice, no prob at all. Maybe some plugin in Wordpress database that’ll do.

Unfortunately, sending email is a very complicated process and there are hundreds of different points where something can fail. From the theme’s side of things, it’s actually very simple, they simply ask PHP to send the email – the complicated bits all start on your server, on your web host’s side. For this reason it’s unlikely to be an issue with the theme.

You can certainly try another contact form plugin to see if it encounters the same problem, if so then it’s 100% a hosting issue.

I gave it a quick check and your server’s IP address is on an email blacklist (Korumail). In some cases this may cause all of your emails to go to spam, in other cases it may prevent messages from reaching their destination entirely.

Your web host is the one who needs to look at this. You are most likely going to find yourself powerless within the WordPress dashboard alone.

Solved the problem. Removed default installed plugin WPForm. Without any SMTP plugins it’ll do fine.