contact xtemos is impossible?

Hi there,

Since I’ve seen, that you also promote xtemos templates, I thought that could be my chance to get an open ear. Well, a while ago I purchased a template from them and registered for their forum. Today, I tried to sign in, and it kicks me out by saying the wrong pwd. So I tried to reset the pwd, but the reset link never ever arrived. I re-send the reset link along the entire day. I might have tried 40 or 50 hits. I also tried to register again with another name, but its saying, that the purchase key has being taken already. Sure, it has; because its my key. Since I’m not able to find ANY Contact mail, nor a contact form or ANYTHING that could me lead to them, I feel so damn desperate of asking on several community sites, why the hell they’ve no contact information in their private policy? Is that company really serious? I wonder, how it’ll be possible to me to get in touch with them now in order to reset that stupid password? Or is that a fake & they’re just trying to get money out from the people? If so, than why stackideas is advertising for them? If not, why its so damn hard to recover my account access?

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Any help would be very high appreciated!

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@xtemos is a seller on ThemeForest. You can contact them from their profile to let them know you’re having issues signing in: (click the link and look for a contact form on the right side when logged in).

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Hi baileyherbert! Thank you very much for the link! I sent out the message now. Hopefully everything else will go well!

I wish you a wonderful day :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:!

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hi,its me again! As I wrote yesterda; I just contacted the xtemos team as you suggested! But I did not get any response yet! Maybe they do not use that contact form anymore?

best regards!

just tried again today, but the email does never arrive! So neither I’m getting any response from the X-temos team! I’ve never had such a horrible CS ever before. Good to know, that this is a part from “Theme forest”. So next buy will be from someone else!