Contact Inviter or Importer Any Scripts or tell a friend ?

Hi guys I’m desperately trying to find script like contact importer or tell a friend or mass friend Inviter so far I have found this 2 website - this I love and my fav it has template option and option to import all your contacts from your emails or social website so it sends like mass invitation to all my friends with my own message - not bad and does similar to above website bit has no option to add custom templates

Both scripts above have not been updated from 2015 to 2017 and neither website is answearing my presale questions

My question is does anyone know any other website where I could find this type of script as codecanyon does not have anything like this

And I need to for my social website I’m working on

Any help would be great you can PM me link if you like

Thanks for any help

Bump anyone ?

I am searching too :frowning: