Contact Form with ability to dynamically add input fields


Is anyone aware of a complete contact form that contains something like this functionality;

I’ve a site where I take bookings for parties, and would like a new contact form where visitors can enter the guest names.
Due to my not knowing how many guests their party may contain, I really like the dynamically adding of fields so they can add a new field/name for a party of 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, however many they wish.

I currently use a form from Themeforest, but does not have this function.
So I have 10 text input fields, which is not much use for parties larger than 10, plus, it makes the form look messy as fills too much of the screen loading them all, along with the basics like name/email/phone fields.

I couldn’t find any, but I’m not sure what other terms to search for other than ‘dynamic add field’

Also this is not a Wordpress site.


Hi fnah your ‘contact form’ thread

OK this is quiet simple - just a quick bit of jQuery needed. Do I take it you just need them to add multiple name fields? i.e. one input that gets cloned e.g. I add one name, press a button to add another? If interested can quickly write that as a simple plugin that you just add to your existing form

Please let me know

Hi Kwikbitzonline,
That is exactly what I need yes.

I have a simple form that people can contact me to book a party, and I collect their name, phone number and email address.
But having this feature would be very useful so I can get an idea of how many people would be attending the party - and I can then know how many party bags to make etc.

So yes, it would be a single input initially, and if they want to provide the guest names, they enter one into that input, then click the [+] button to add another field where they can enter another guest name, and so on …perhaps adding up to 30 or so guest names.
The values would of course need to be emailed to me along with the other form elements, the name, phone and email values.

Please let me know what that would cost to develop a plugin like this. thankyou

Ho fnah

Sorry been out/away but simple.easy to do so to answer your Q ‘cost to develop a plugin like this?’ how does $7.50 sound?

Hi, yeah that’s fine thanks.
Want to message me with the method, Paypal ok?

Hi Kwikbitzonline.
I’ve been messaging you for a while now in the messenger, as not had any reply from you after paying for this script.
Perhaps you not seeing your messages or something, so seeing if you read this.
Please reply and let me know what’s happening