Contact Form Generator purchase -- how to use?

Hi! I have purchased a license to use Contact Form Generator for my personal web site.

When I go to and design my contact form, I click on “go to form settings,” configure my settings, and then click on “Save and create source files.” Selecting that option leaves me hanging for over 30 minutes, both in Firefox and IE! I am using Windows 10. There does not seem a way to return to the contact form I just designed and I need to start all over.

How do I save and create the source files for my contact form? I do have pop-up windows blocked on my Firefox browser, so I suspect the hanging may be due to this?

I am not using Wordpress or anything beyond my browser. The contact form I designed looks fantastic in my browser after I finished! How do I save the files and implement the form?

I have purchased and downloaded the license to use this form.

Thank you for your suggestions and patience, as I am a new customer. Proud to be here but need assistance!