Contact form does not work properly

Contact form does not work properly how can i fix it

It depends on the item - a working form is not compulsorary.

If the item claims to have a working form then the documentation should cover how to set it up

thank for your reply , how can i get ajax-contact

Again it depends on the item you are using, what it is built on etc.

Can you not just Google free Ajax form and write that into the website if it’s HTML or else look for a plugin for WordPress etc.?

i have try to use free ajax but it still not work

You can always hire freelance help to do it at

thank you is there i can get help

As above - there are lots of excellent developers on

Without knowing what the item being used is, it’s impossible to judge the complexity of integrating a new form, but typically it’s not a particularly complex job.

It’s highly unlikely you will find ‘free’ customization help because it wouldn’t be fair to do it in this case and not for the other hundreds of other people who would appreciate it.

okay i have already visit there, what i supposed to do in order to get new one

can i purchase contact form that is work properly

you can take alook at these Ajax Contact Form:


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