Contact form date picker recommendations

Hi all!

I am very satisfied with my wordpress page and using contact form 7. I mean, I have a travel agency, and I used it to insert it in every package, where people have to choose between different options to book a travel (category, passengers, etc.) and, also, both name and e-mail in petitions are exported to an excel through Contact form DB plugin for mailing purposes.

What I am not satisfied is with how the clients have to choose the starting day. Every package have his own staring days, so through a plugin called WP Simple Booking Calendar I select what are the starting days for every package, and I show it on the top of every right menu package, as you can see form example here:

Also, It has the advantage that, every month passes, is actualized visually (so if the current month is April, March is not shown) so a don’t have to delete passed starting days.

The problem is when I want to use it on the calendar: I mean, contact form have a date picker option, but it is something very inflexible in my opinion, so what I have to do is creating a menu option when I have to put it manually every date in text form and, from time to time, edit in to delete obsolete dates, as you can see in the same page linked before.

So, is there any solution, through a premium contact form 7 plugin, or even with a totally new similar contact form wordpress plugin (in that case would be necessary to keep the option to export calendars petitions to a excel for mailing purposes) to mix both works in one process, so for example at the beginning of the year I can select exactly in different calendars the starting days of every package and insert it in a contact form, so in a visually way every client can choose it?

Something similar to this I mean:

Thanks a lot in advance.