Consulta licencia elements

Hola Buenas tardes, alguien aquí habla español? tengo una duda sobre las licencias elements. Por ejemplo si realizo 2 banners diferentes para un mismo cliente, utilizando la misma fotografía. Debo licenciar 2 veces? o solo es suficiente con que la licencia sea realizada solo una vez?

Hello Good afternoon, I will try to translate the message as clear as possible, excuse my English.
I have a question about the licensing elements. For example if I make 2 different banners for the same client, using the same photograph. Should I license 2 times? Or is it enough for the license to be made only once?

Excuse me if my question is a novice :slight_smile:

thank you very much to all.

On Elements, you need another license to use the same item more than twice. If you use it three times, you need three license but as far as I know, there’s no additional charges, you just need to create another license

I’d say if the banners are for the same project then one license will be fine. Two different projects then you’ll need two. So for example… if it’s a set of marketing items for Dave’s Amazing Pet Food… one should be fine. If one banner is for pet food and the other is for Crazy Ride Taxi Services… then you’ll definitely need two.

Hopefully @jamesgiroux can clarify.