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Hello my name is Sharon and i’m using the Construction - WP theme. After the latest updates of word-press to 5.0.3. i’m getting 500 ERROR.
I went to go daddy website and restore my site and right now it is working properly.

What i found is : The theme i’m using don’t have the capability with word-press 5.0.3
I’m summing that every time that word-press will auto up date the version i will get the same 500 ERROR
there is any suggest or any other idea can solve this problem
or do you think they are working on some new update to the theme?

Thanks for your time.

Hey @sharonzach91,

Read your purchased item documentation carefully hope you will find necessary information about you purchase theme updates.
contact with your item author hope they will solved your issue.


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Hi @sharonzach91

If your theme don’t compatible with wordpress 5 then untill your theme Author will not make it compatible you can use wordpress version 4.9.8 then your site will not auto update to wordpress 5. In the mean time please contact theme Author and let them know about this concern. Thanks

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