construction architectural drawing. I want help on this issue

hello guys, is there anyone who can help me. I have construction works, videos and pictures. Do I have a chance to market here?

Isn’t there a manager who can answer. Does anyone know what is marketed in envato?

Share examples of what you mean here

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As an example is a quote from Google. Project drawing for builders.

This picture belongs to my project. There are three types of structures. 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 houses

I doubt it is suitable for these marketplaces as they are quite niche and particular

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Thank you very much for your attention and reply.

So you say it is not sold in this market?

Currently I do not have English, I am writing on google. If there was a friend who knew this business well, if he did the marketing, we would work together?

This is too specialized and specific for a stock marketplace

The designs are related to a specific building - it’s unlikely that anyone in a stock marketplace is going to be looking for exactly that

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understood. Thank you very much for informing me.