Constant 400 errors when clicking categories/subcategories

From about 5/6 days ago we are receiving this error:

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same error, but it might be happening to more logged-in authors/customers.

This does not occur when I’m not logged in.

I’ve just reported it with a ticket, but it would be great if anyone could confirm if they are experiencing the same issue.


“400 Bad Request” is a general error that indicates that your browser sends a request to the website’s server and the server can’t process or recognize the request .

Clear the browser cache/cookies and try re-login. Disable DNS/VPN you have one.

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Thank you for your quick reply! i cleared cache/log out without results.

But doing a hard reset to the cookies (directly from Chrome settings) for all the Themeforest pages, it seems solved the issue.

Here is the exact Chrome url in case anyone else need it: