Consolidating Author Support Fees on Service Fee Invoice

Just a quick note to let you know that we have made a small change to the invoice for Author Support Fees.

Until now, author support fees on the service fee invoice have been shown per day - which can result in up to 62 separate lines on the invoice.

We’ve changed this to aggregate all the Author Support Fees onto a single line for the month, and all of the licence part of the authors fee as one line for the month.

So instead of a maximum of 62 busy lines in the Support Author Fees section of this invoice, you will see a maximum of 2. All the detailed level information is still available in the statement page, but hopefully this makes the invoice itself a bit simpler and easier to read.


Please make the Statements page simpler too… @julianstevenson

I stopped visiting the statements page when 1 sale takes 5-6 lines where my eyes started bleeding.

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I can’t understand where my support earnings go
Although that support fees shown in invoice but envato add my item purchases earnings only
How I can get these support earnings ?
How does it work ?
When support earnings add to my total earnings ?
Is envato take all support earnings so it take our efforts ?
I need any of envato team reply me

Hey @peepdevco

There are plenty of articles in our Help Center related to Item Support and the earnings associated with it. Here are a couple of examples, but you’ll find plenty more info in the Help Center:

  1. Item Support - What it Means for Authors

  2. An Authors Guide to Your Statement Documents

You’ll need to make sure that your Item Support settings are enabled. If they are enabled, Item Support is then a component of the purchase price, and you can make additional income from Upgrades, Extensions and Renewals.