consistent sales

Does anyone know how many items I need to have on audiojungle to generate a consistent number of sales monthly?

It’s not the number of items you need.
Actually it’s absolutely not predictable, what are the criterias for consistent sales.

  • We have a decreasing amount of market customers, because many customers went to subscription plans like Elements.
  • We have an increased amount of RF platforms, and we have to share the decreasing customers with them.
  • We have high quality competitors
  • We have an oversaturated RF market
  • We have a bad quality search engine on AJ
  • Our customers are annoyed about the decreasing overall quality of AJ items → they feel more well on other platforms
  • we have the minimum price restriction, caused by australian laws. That makes it possible for authors to sell their items for $5
  • No one knows the customer expectations. If yoou produce an item, you don’t know, if a customer will need it
  • we have overloaded music categories like the corporate and cinematic genre (each 160.000 items). And authors still uploading items there. You need not to be a genius to calculate the chance, that the next bought item of these 160.000 is yours. An effect of these overloaded categories is, that customers tend more and more to buy old bestsellers. No one has the time to search good music in a jungle of 160.000 items. So they go they safer way and buy the music, what everyone is buying…because it must be good.
  • we have a global pandemic with an impact to the economy
  • we have summer vacation
  • and so far and so far

If you’re planning to get a stable income with producing music for the RF market…I would say: forget it.


Very well detailed
thanks for the information

You only need 1 item but it must meet the following criteria:

It is good, so good in fact that it probably is perfect in every way
No-one else has got a track like it and it is too complicated to be copied by others here
Everybody wants it and everybody HAS to have it for their project
There is nothing like it on Elements
Your promotion is exceptional and SEO is your playground
You are willing to sell it so cheaply that your market simply has to buy it

Good Luck on your quest.


If you want to have more steady earning on the long run, Audio jungle won’t be enough. Even if all market are impacted by the pretty same situation as above, Audio Jungle only is too hard. Put your track elsewhere where it’s possible to sell your music. It will be better for sure, but it’s not said that everything will be fine. It’s a long run game, also number game, quality game and all other things. Despite that, I still believe this is possible :slight_smile:
Good luck on your quest :slight_smile:


Consistency is key and don’t put all your eggs in one basket:)


very well said

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Just love what you do. It will make you understand rejections, ups and downs, but eventually love wins ) good luck!

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