Consistent Code Rejection

I am a troubled developer. Code Canyon is not at all what it used to be. The reviews are too sloppy and shallow. I have no problem with rejection of an app or any item but I feel that the reviewer is obliged to let an author know the specific reason for rejection. After following all of their guidelines improving the quality of your app,spending weeks making it better they just reject your App without giving any valid reason. They point you to forums and community guidelines which after asking for help you don’t really get any satisfactory reason as to why your app was declined. If they are going to reject an app they should at least make it clear to an author where the problem is.

Now someone please take me through App rejection reasons. Maybe i Missed one or something.

Apart from not meeting the basic submission requirements, other common rejection reasons would include:

  • The item or code is not “premium” enough - this is a market for premium items only.
  • There are free alternatives to the item elsewhere that have the same (or higher) quality.
  • There are other items on CC that do the same thing, but with more features.
  • There are security flaws in your code or one of its dependencies. *
  • Poor documentation on how to use the item. *
  • It is too difficult for buyers to use the item in its current form.
  • The reviewer does not see potential for sales in the item, even if it is a good item.

This is not a complete list. There’s undoubtedly many other scenarios that would lead to rejection. Please post screenshots of your project on the forum if you want our help guessing your rejection reason. I’m not experienced in the mobile category, but if I see anything I can let you know. :+1:

Even better post the demo link you submitted so we can see it in action