Congratulations Joomlavi Team for Reaching to $75000 milestone

We Got this news on celebration eva of 2016 - just want to say thank you Envato for all you’ve done. You’ve given so chances for us to do what we love. You have without a doubt made my dreams come true. We’re forever grateful to everyone at Envato for creating something so special and powerful. Its powerful because Envato is the bridge between you and your dreams. Video editors can do what they love, musicians can create music, graphic designers, web designers…we all get to be as creative as we want…while still being marketable of cours…:yum:

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that 2016 is a great year for everyone. Remember, this may be our one and only life so be the best version of you that you can be. Continue to get better at whatever it is your passionate about. And thank you again to everyone at Envato for a great 2015. Happy New Year!! :gift::tada:

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Congratulations, joomlavi! That’s a huge milestone :smile:

Great work!

Congrats! Which one anyway? Searched joomlavi : , not even elite author yet.


Hello phpbits,
Thanks for your compliment. We’re pending for Envato to setup the Elite author. They will inform us when the process completed.
Happy New Year