Congrats to StudioMonkey for SECOND!!! featured track of the week

I though this is impossible for us, but it seems i was wrong. It is possible for StudioMonkey!!! The first featured track was in 2015, and now miracle happened again - new featured track this week! Awesome job!


Never say never :slight_smile: “Miracles” happen
I want to believe - not in UFOs - but in my first featured track after 3 years of uploading quality tracks


he won the competition for the best video, this is part of the reward price.
Congrats @StudioMonkey, awesome track!

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This is cool!!!

Wow, that’s a unique achievement! Many congratulations :slightly_smiling:

@StudioMonkey your portfolio is absolutely top-notch. Keep going, and who knows, maybe next year you’ll be featured for the third time! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agree with you, both featured tracks are awesome, top quality production.

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Congratulations StudioMonkey! That track is great!

That track was one of the first tracks I ever heard on AudioJungle. It’s super cool and catchy :sunglasses:


He diserved it as well, he got top quality tracks :slight_smile: Well done!

Congrats, good track!

This is huge achievement! Congrats :slightly_smiling:

Congrats buddy! Time to bring home the bacon!

Definitely very awesome. Congrats, bud!

Well done, great music as ever, and now it’s time to watch the till ring! :tada:

Congrats StudioMonkey!

Great job StudioMonkey!

Congrats StudioMonkey! Been humming your song all day! :+1:

hey everyone!

thanks for all the congrats! yup, and @SoundCity called it - i’m cashing in my remix video prize - though i admit, it still feels pretty miraculous.

and i’m not the only one…pretty sure we’ll all catch another author launching his second feature soon :wink:


Congrats buddy!