Congrat to Envato Quality team reviewer

Recently I received an email from the team of apologizing for having rejected my second proposal as an author of audiojungle … I would like to thank them for their professionalism with my response:

Thanks for your response. Please do not think you should apologize for anything. I have been a user for years and I have invested money in your products.
I have always considered that Envato is one of the best platforms for developers.

My decision to collaborate as an author in audiojungle was a recommendation of the marketing team of the NGO that I preside (Armony)

I really am a co-founder of two record labels and a music producer. I do not do this for money, I donate 80% of all the profits obtained from the sales of our music to the NGO.

Thanks again for your mail. I’ll be happy to upload new material soon … Maybe this time if you like the team envato


Carlos aka deeplastik


First of all, let me congratulate you for your approvals and for your investment in ENVATO products. It’s great to know about that email… It will help a lot many other authors here, I guess! It’s a question of investment, so… let’s invest!

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lol dude :smiley:

Did you make any effort to pull the item out of the pack of hard rejected items?

I just waited until the envato team decided. Honestly, the track I proposed had a structure to use in a DJ session …

Two songs this month… Fu*kin awesome great! Long live AJ!!!

Ah… forgot to mention… 36% of $19…

I’m sorry guys… AJ is the best place to sell your music, for sure!!!

I bought nothing from you ENVATO but I will, one of these days :wink:

Sorry guys… too drunk… wrong place!!!.. I should be posting this in other place!.. FORUMS…

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