Confusion with composite licenses of some WP themes

I recently decide to venture into web designer, so I came to Envato and bought quite a few WP themes. Them I install them for testing and practicing. However, some of the WP Themes come with composite licensing of several plugins. I have to activate several included plugins one by one by using purchased code. Not to mention that each plugin developer has its own support system, so I have to register/activate/monitor each of my account with individual plugin developer. A really painful experience to manage for these ‘trivial’ assets.

Envato should have come up with clearer method to clarify these composite licensing (number of sites allowed etc…) I feel my purchase decision is misled and money wasted. I am very unhappy with some of my purchases, as I have to go through many hurdles with various plugin developers, and some of them state they will leave Envato soon.

In the past, I have been a happy customer with Envato. And I understand developer/artist/provider come and leave. But it is really getting my nerves to see how some of the purchased items pan out and I cannot wait to get rid of them even long before the expiry of support ticket. Please improve the clarification method, otherwise I would feel like an orphan when buying in a theme land.