confusion about pricing

I have a little confusion about pricing,
When the item price is 12, I only received 4.99$
Although I am exclusive author…
But why I am receiving only 4.99$?
Because for exclusive seller are getting 60% of there sells
So, if 60%, then i need to receive 7.20 $ right?

Please help me about that

Exclusive author do not start at 60% but 50%. There is also US withholding tax that needs to be accounted for (I find your numbers a bit odd though, so I can’t tell you for sure what ). You can see a breakdown of your sales on your Statement tab.

Search the forum. There are lots of threads and replies


  • Envato does not pay any commission for sales since February 2015

  • you are a kind of “direct” seller on this marketplace

  • for the services of this marketplace, buyers pay a buyer fee for a purchase
    some categories on this market have fixed buyer fees, read: Fixed Buyer Fees

  • for the services of this marketplace, sellers pay a author fee for a sale

    • author fee is payed off the item price
    • author fee depends on your total value of items sales. Exclusive authors starts with 37.5%
      read: Envato Author Fee Schedule
  • the price on the item page is the list price ( item price + buyer fee )

  • sales may be subject to US withholding tax, read: Tax Information Requirements for non US-Authors

    • US withholding tax is payed off the item price

Example sale:
Exclusive author level 1 = 37.5% author fee
HTML template fixed buyer fee = $4.00
List price = $12.00

$12.00 - $4.00 = $8.00 (item price)
$8.00 * 37.5% = $3.00 (author fee)
$8.00 * 0%-30% = X1 (US withholding tax)
$8.00 - $3.00 - X1 = earnings

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Thanks @Sealord