Confusing messages from Elements reviews team

Hello everyone, I have been working for Envato since 2014, and I have been at Elements since day one. I have over 1000 print templates.

Lately my new works that I submit to Elements have been getting require changes from the review team.

They write me to write in the Item Description which free fonts I used (by the way, a mandatory item when the works are placed on the Graphic River).

The next time I submit new works and place links to the free fonts I used (mostly DaFont or Google fonts) in Item Description, I get a warning: HTML is not permitted in item descriptions.

All this together frustrates me because my works are returned for finishing, and in that way I lose time (because one day one rule applies, and another day some other rules apply) and I have to go back to those works and upload them again, although technically they have no error or omission, but one team member wants me to post links to the fonts, and another team member strictly forbids it.

Is this where I can solve my problem?

I send everyone a lot of greetings and happy work and good sales. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Indeed, links are not allowed in the description. You should provide the link in a .txt file inside the downloadable product and only add the font name (not links) in item description