Confusing list of Downloads Where/How to remove unused items?

When producing videos week for week a huge list of downloaded items can occure. But not all of thoses items are really used in an end product. And you probably could imagine that it is a time consuming project to “filter” actually used items out to download the licences.
There is no way to delete unsused items, neither no way to sort for projects, used items, project names :frowning:
If this a permanent issue I´m not able to continue my subscription, unfortunately.

There several changes that would be good to see on elements profiles - I’m not sure how soon these are planned but you would need to ask support Envato Elements Help and Support

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if you just give us the opportunity to “sort” columns - would help out of some issues and save a lot of time. It’s a bit of a shame that such basic functions are not taken into account at all. But I guess I’ve ranted enough now .-)