Confusing comment on rejected item


The rejection mail contained the following remarks from the reviewer:
“This item has a nice concept, but doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item.”

What does he/she mean by “features to be approved as a premium item”?
My item was an HTML5 game.


Can you provide the live preview plugin, so I can suggest you something.


here is the live preview of the game


You have done a really great JOB and hard work.
I appreciate your work.

Things you can change… if it was soft rejected.

  1. Its UI Design is not so good.
    You should check others game how they are designed,
  2. The pictures should come randomly.
  3. Put a score system in it.
  4. Make it multi level. Next should be harder than before.
  5. I think you should drop this project, if it is hard rejected.



I think the ‘lack of features’ part could be related to what happens if you don’t know the answer. Petal has provided some great advice, but I think the ‘biggie’ is that if you’ve never heard of a Jaguar, or you can’t tell a tulip from a daffodil? You’re just going to sit there until your flesh has rotted away and your bones have long turned to dust.

Maybe have a certain number of lives, or clues/skips/reveals.


Okay, I believe that there is a room for improvement in my game.
But I think they shouldnt have hard rejected it.My game is unique to their library.

They should’ve soft rejected my game and let me know about the things my game is lacking, same as they did with my previous game, which got accepted after I made the changes they had asked for.

Anyway guys I appreciate your feedback.
And have learned a lesson that I should ask for review of my item, from the community, before submission.Saves all of your hard work from going to waste.