confused to completing model release and property release

Hello my name is Deasy formerly joined the Twenty20 platform which has now joined Envato. as a newcomer to Envato I’m still a little confused and groping about the steps on Envato such as 1. completing the model release and property release some of my photos were rejected because of this problem. if i upload via FTP is there a tutorial to avoid mistakes, honestly a lot a new term I came across on Envato that was not familiar to me personally.2. property releases whether every building must display releases and what about zoos, or other tourist attractions should I complete it in a general or single release form. I really appreciate your help and thank you in advance. Sorry if my translation is not good because of my limitations in English

Trying to figure out the same thing. It looks like we have to print out a release, fill it in by hand and then upload it.

More information here, including your question about zoo and tourist attractions.

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Thanks a ton @margJohnsonVA

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