Confused??? How to add logo to purchased logo reveal?

Hi there i just recently purchased a logo reveal for my logo but i don’t have a clue how to add my logo to the purchased reveal.
I have a Mac and am not very tech savvy.
Any ideas on where to find simple tutorials or how to simply add my logo to the reveal so i can use it on my Youtube videos?

It will be better if you ask this question to the author of the project. As we can’t know what the project you are trying to customize, and the what steps to insert a logo should be done exactly in this project. Usually there should be a “logo” composition. Put your logo into this composition. And make sure that there is no any tutorial in the ZIP file (video or PDF)

I’m assuming it’s an After Effects project and you don’t have After Effects? Yeah, best to contact the author in that instance, hopefully they can assist. Just go to the item page and you can use the comments section, but better still would be to click on the author’s name and that will take you to their profile page… there’s a contact form on there.

I’m the author of the projects(s).
I purchased a ‘wave’ reveal’ logo and am just wanting to add my logo to the reveal.
I’m unable to find the 'logo ‘composition’.

What’s the link for the item you bought?