confused by new upload process...

I haven’t been uploading for a while… Now I uploaded a new Motion Graphics clip but I’m a little bit confused… On the first overview page after selected “Motion Graphics” with the explanation of the uploading process there’s written “You can check the review status in your Author Dashboard”. This was what I know from earlier uploads with the old process.
But after completing my upload and giving all the informations there’s nothing in my dashboard (?)
On the same page mentioned there’s also a tab to switch to “Manage Library”, this is taking me to ma dashboard, is that right? (I would have expected something else, as I started my upload in the dashboard, so why this link back (?!?)
When I now click again to the “I’m ready to upload clips” button I see my uploaded file in the list on the left with a green border, a green check mark and a green dot in the lower left corner. So it looks something like “done”, but do I still have to do something to finally submit it to the review? I’m still a bit confused if it should appear in my dashboard or if it’s now in the review process when it’s marked “green”…

I have the same issue. I haven’t uploaded anything since the old process, Now I’m very confuse to what really is going on. What do you what me to send? Just the video file, or do you need it in a zip? Since I no longer have to do the watermark preview myself, and then where are those files now? I uploaded 10 items and they just vanished.

really?? nobody in the authors’ forum knows anything about how the new upload process work?!

try to search youtube, envato or ask a concrete question.