Confused about what license for YouTube ad

I read all the FAQs, which just seemed to confuse me more.

  1. If my company wants to license music for a youtube ad (the kind that will pop up based on our ad buys), which license do we need?
  2. Is YouTube considered under the Broadcast use case?

(a) Traditional television or radio broadcast (e.g. terrestrial, cable or satellite TV, broadcast radio); or (b) Mobile or online substitutes for traditional television or radio broadcast (e.g. mobile TV, IPTV (streaming TV or video-on-demand), streaming radio).

  1. Does an ad view count as a ‘download’?

The suggested topics to the right of where I’m typing this seem to suggest a Standard license would be sufficient for our needs, but they are not official answers, and some similar questions have no answers.

Thank you very much!


For most web uses (including Youtube), the Music Standard license is sufficient.

YouTube is not considered a broadcast us. The term broadcast, as used in the terms, only applies to TV broadcast or OTT services (Netflix, Amazon Prime,…), or, as highlighted in your quote, as online substitute for traditional TV (watching a TV channel over the internet).

The standard license does not have any limits on views, these are not considered as “downloads”.

Hope it helps!

Great! Thank you for the reply~

So that seems to me that the base license in envato elements will work for using music in our ads? And the music standard if we want to use audio jungle music for an ad, yes?

Thanks again!

Don’t know anything about Elements, but as for Audiojungle, yes, the standard license has you covered for your YouTube ad indeed.

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